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Is your gut trying to tell you something?


You deserve to lookfeel great! Work with me to find out how to make the connection to better health.


Health & Wellness Specialist

Wholistic Insights for Whole Health

 Justine Dowd empowers her clients with a wholistic approach to chronic disease management. Focused on the importance of restful sleep, mindset, nourishment, self-compassion and movement, Justine offers gut health strategies and fertility support to effectively enhance each client’s quality of life.


Are you ready to take charge of your health? 

Do you want to finally feel like YOU again – full of energy, optimism and vitality?

Justine is passionate about taking an integrative approach to helping you optimize your health and wellness. Drawing from research, Justine empowers clients to enhance wellbeing through a customized plan involving mindset, diet, gut health, physical activity, healthy sleep habits and stress reduction. As your personal wholistic health coach, Justine will help you achieve your goals and navigate your journey towards greater health and wellness. 



Interested in learning more about gut health or attending a future seminar? Contact Justine for more info.

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