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Meet the Heal From the Inside Out + Re-Train Your Gut-Brain team!


We offer services virtually anywhere in the world for those not located in Calgary.


Hi, I'm Nicole!


I’d like to share a bit of my story and why I am passionate about helping others discover their own path to healing.


I have struggled with digestive & mental health, hormonal imbalances, and skin irritations for years. It has taken me many appointments, different practitioners, and my own research to determine that many problems including mood imbalances and chronic conditions stem from an imbalanced or unhealthy gut.


Through my education (Certified Functional Health Coach (ADAPT-CFHC), Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP), Masters of Kinesiology, MKin), and personal journey I have learned how to help those struggling with similar problems navigate the health world and figure out the best approach they should be taking to begin their own journey to healing. I believe we know our own body best and have so much insight into what it needs if we take the time to lean in, and pay attention to what it is trying to tell us.


I truly believe there is so much we can do to bring healing to our bodies by partnering with the right people and starting with simple lifestyle changes such as our mindset, what we eat, how we move, how we handle stress, our sleep and the support we surround ourselves with that can take us closer to living a flourishing life. We are designed to feel full of vitality and to truly enjoy our lives, yet so many of us struggle to get through; life becomes about making it to the end of the day, the week, holding out till the next vacation, and simply surviving. 


We do not have to live like this! We can reclaim our health and digestion to feel fully alive again. That is why I am excited to be working alongside Justine on her program, 'Heal From the Inside Out' and truly believe this holistic approach will help you begin your healing journey. It is not always easy, but having the right support, trusted knowledge, an ear to listen, and someone to acknowledge how hard things can be along the journey is so important! 


Here's to living our best lives for both OURSELVES and those WE LOVE,



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