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Get my proven tools for digestive relief and start enjoying your best life today.

Join Justine Dowd, PhD in this free webinar!

This live webinar is for people who have been struggling with digestive health, feel like they’ve tried everything, and are ready to make changes and finally feel better.

Can't make it live?

Sign up anyway and I'll send you the replay!


As someone who has struggled with IBS for many, many years Justine has been a breath of fresh air. My gut has definitely been trying to tell me something! Justine helped me 'tune in' and discover a new approach to managing my chronic conditions. In addition to her kind and loving nature, she has offered me multiple strategies for developing a practice for self-compassion, emotion regulation, a healthier mindset and mindful eating. Her approach is wholistic; she provides gentle, but firm encouragement at each appointment. She is also well connected to a community of practitioners that have aided in my healing process.

I think my biggest surprise was the work I needed to do on managing my emotions as they were directly affecting my gut health. Justine helped me connect the stress response to my gut distress, and we worked together to help me slow down and engage in activities that helped down regulate my nervous system. In turn, this has created a state of wellbeing that has helped increase my energy levels and vitality, allowing me to finally accept my chronic illness in a loving way.

In this live training, you will learn:


  • Two things you need to know about the gut-brain connection

  • A simple 30-second self-compassion practice to help you feel better right now

  • Why people with digestive struggles also struggle with sleep

  • Strategies to create more freedom with food and start trusting your body again

  • Live Q&A

This is normally only something I offer inside of a paid group program so you’ll definitely want to be there with us LIVE!

Even if you can’t make it live, be sure to sign up because I’ll be sending out replays after for everyone who signs up.

How it works:

  1. Sign up now!

  2. Join the Facebook group with link sent in confirmation email

  3. Download the workbook (sent after registration)

  4. Attend the webinar live/watch recording

  5. Start implementing strategies and reduce digestive distress/feel better/confidence to heal!



After three years of struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss, my occupation of 6.5 years completely changed. I tried my best to go with the flow and learn a new position/industry but with all of my personal struggles I knew I did not have the energy to be successful. My husband and I decided it was best for me and us that I take some time off work to focus on myself. It was an extremely difficult decision to make but I knew it was for the best. 


At this exact time, Justine approached me about doing coaching sessions with her. Perfect timing. She helped me put a plan together to focus on my physical and emotional self. I always looked forward to our weekly conversations! Justine was so attentive, and validated my feelings.  She helped me put a plan together of what I wanted my days/weeks/months to look like and how I could get back to feeling more like myself. Justine would help me set goals each week and she would follow up throughout the week to see how things were going, to hold me accountable.  She also provided me with many different tools and suggestions each week to help me reach my goals, but at the same time would remind me to be kind to myself and not to put too much pressure on myself that it became stressful.  It’s her countless qualities like listening, caring, encouraging and understanding that makes you want to just open up to her because you can trust her.


I have had the pleasure of working with Justine Dowd who was referred to me by my naturopath. She has been life changing for me in my journey to healing gut issues I have struggled with for three years. 

Her ability to listen with compassion, extensive knowledge and non-judgemental ears, makes her a huge asset for anyone wanting to dig further into the gut-mind connection. 

For me, Justine has been the “missing link” in moving forward toward self-compassion and overall healing. She is top notch in her field!!

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