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Wellness Coach

Start enjoying life again without the stress of what might trigger your stomach. 

“Justine helped me connect the stress response to my gut distress, and we worked together to help me slow down and engage in activities that helped me down regulate my nervous system.”

Do you struggle with...


  • Going to the doctor and being told “There’s nothing ‘wrong with you’ so there isn’t anything else I can do to help you”

  • Seeing a specialist who says “You aren’t dying, so there isn’t anything else we can do to help you”

  • Feeling like your life is ruled by trips to the bathroom?

  • Getting home from a stressful day and lying on the couch feeling lost, deserted and let down by the health care system?

  • Feeling like you’ve reached the end of your rope after seeing numerous health care providers about your digestive health - only to go in circles - often ending up worse than you started?

Let’s get one thing straight,

it’s not that you haven’t been trying.

You’ve likely been going from appointment to appointment, eliminating the foods they said were “bad” for you, and reading more digestive health articles than you can count.

You feel like doctors often think you’re a hypochondriac (don’t worry, I believe you)!


Many doctors don’t have the time and/or aren’t actually trained in the multi-faceted triggers of digestive distress (so while they’re doing all they can to help, sometimes their expertise + available time in appointments only goes so far).

The evidence-based advice is hard to come by in the sea of misleading, conflicting information out there.

You may already have some of these pieces, but up until now you just haven’t had a proven, systematic way to consistently put them all together.

What’s been missing is a strategy that looks at the body as a whole.


The gut is the second brain in our body and influences all areas of health and well-being. 


Without a properly functioning gut, you may be struggling with:

  • Fluctuating mental health - feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster?

  • Being sick ALL the time

  • Crummy sleep

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Remembering seemingly easy things

  • Irregular and/or painful bowel movements

  • Low energy.


When your gut is healthy and your digestive system is functioning well, here’s what’s possible

  • Feeling your BEST!

  • Enjoying meals and not feeling bloated (or worse) after eating

  • Flexibility in when and where you eat

  • Weight regulation

  • Not being sick ALL the time.

Despite what you may have been told, it’s not all in your head and you’re in the right place.

When you heal from the inside out, here’s what your life can feel like:


  • You’ll experience more freedom with what you eat (our goal is to get your diet as varied as possible)

  • You’ll have strategies to effectively cope with triggers and stressors

  • You’ll be in tune when one of your core pillars (mindset, sleep, nourishment, and movement) is off and have tools to get it back on track

  • You’ll be part of a supportive community that’s on the same journey as you

  • You’ll finally stop stressing about your health and just be able to enjoy life again!

Meet Justine

My passion for gut health all began with a diagnosis of celiac disease, just as I was beginning my PhD in 2010. After enduring a number of ups and downs, including additional complications from Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, irritable bowel syndrome, and infertility struggles, I realized that all my health issues were rooted in the same place -- my gut.


For me to find my way back to wellness, it was a combination of Western medicine, Eastern philosophy and practices, naturopathic medicine, sessions with a therapist, support from a dietitian, osteopathy, reiki, acupuncture, a year-long chakra journey and a 10-day silent retreat. I spent over a decade navigating my way through all of these modalities and now it’s my honour to help guide you through your journey back to wellness.

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Drawing on research, experience and intuitive wisdom, it is my mission to empower others to optimize their 

digestive health and enjoy their best life!

The Solution

(the one your gut’s been begging for)

Over the next 6 months, I’ll teach you my proven tools for digestive relief so you can start enjoying your best life today.

what you truly need to heal from the inside out:

Mindset Matters

After over 15 years of research and experience running wellness programs, I’m teaching you the most important mindset skills that will actually help you feel better, calm your nervous system, and manage stress and anxiety on a regular basis.


We’ll talk about the mind-body-gut connection, mindfulness, intuitive eating, equanimity, self-compassion for digestive health, and effective stress management strategies.

Sleep Well

After struggling with insomnia last year, I’ve developed a deep and dynamic understanding of how to restore our relationship to sleep, and ultimately sleep better.

Our discussions will include evidence-based approaches to improve your sleep and together we’ll work through your sleep log and collaboratively create a plan that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Nourish Yourself

Did you know that the latest research shows the healthiest diet for digestive health focuses on variety and fibre? In addition, a key part of optimal digestion is the way we relate to food.

We’ll help you develop strategies for meal planning, meal preparation, intuitive eating and how to increase food variety so you don’t feel completely trapped in a restrictive diet.

Move More

Physical activity can be an essential practice you rely on to keep your digestive system functioning well. We’ll talk through the current evidence on the relationship between movement and digestive wellness so that you know exactly how to use physical activity to support both your gut health and overall wellbeing.

We’ll guide you in developing regular physical routines, get you started with activities you’ve always wanted to try (or help you get more consistent enjoyment out of your current activities), and for those of you really struggling with pain, we’ll gently guide you in moving your body in a way that feels supportive to you.




As someone who has struggled with IBS for many, many years Justine has been a breath of fresh air. My gut has definitely been trying to tell me something! Justine helped me 'tune in' and discover a new approach to managing my chronic conditions. In addition to her kind and loving nature, she has offered me multiple strategies for developing a practice for self-compassion, emotion regulation, a healthier mindset and mindful eating. Her approach is wholistic; she provides gentle, but firm encouragement at each appointment. She is also well connected to a community of practitioners that have aided in my healing process. 


I think my biggest surprise was the work I needed to do on managing my emotions as they were directly affecting my gut health. Justine helped me connect the stress response to my gut distress, and we worked together to help me slow down and engage in activities that helped down regulate my nervous system. In turn, this has created a state of wellbeing that has helped increase my energy levels and vitality, allowing me to finally accept my chronic illness in a loving way.



Have you ever felt like you didn't know what was going on with your system or who to turn to? Well that was me until I attended one of Justine's Holistic Gut Seminars. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in what she talks about, but she brings in a group of guest speakers who all complement each other. I now have more confidence in knowing where to go and get help and what things I need to do to better myself. I was fortunate enough to also catch a seminar she put on about Self-Compassion and it just reminded me how it's never just about one thing but the whole picture (ie the gut and the brain). I would highly recommend taking in a seminar! You won't regret the education and support you walk away with! I look forward to more in the future!!!


I have had the pleasure of working with Justine Dowd who was referred to me by my naturopath. She has been life changing for me in my journey to healing gut issues I have struggled with for three years. 

Her ability to listen with compassion, extensive knowledge and non-judgemental ears, makes her a huge asset for anyone wanting to dig further into the gut-mind connection. 

For me, Justine has been the “missing link” in moving forward toward self-compassion and overall healing. She is top notch in her field!!

Heal From the Inside Out

Program Details


What our next 6 months together will look like: 

18 Educational Sessions

Watch these educational sessions on your own time when it works for you! There are 18 education sessions that are spread out over our 6 months together. In addition to these sessions, there is also bonus content available (e.g., on developing a spirituality practice, environmental toxins and wellness),  for you to watch when it suits. Every 3-4 weeks we have an implementation/catch up week with no new content so that you have time to 'digest' everything you've learned!



Weekly Group Coaching Calls

We jump on group coaching calls to help you overcome your struggles, achieve your goals, connect with others going through a similar journey and help you stay accountable to the goals you set for yourself.




1:1 Support

Included in this program are two individual 45-minute 1:1 sessions with a wholistic health coach (Justine or Nicole), as well as one individual 60-minute session with a registered dietitian specializing in digestive wellness. 




Behaviour Change Tools

Each module has a powerful, digital worksheet that you can download to help you clarify your goals + strategies to take action and finally feel WELL again!




Private Community Facebook Group

In our private group, we will create a deeply connected community space to hold you as you begin your journey and beyond. This is where I will guide discussions, answer your questions between our calls and celebrate your wins!


How the Program Rolls Out

Before our first call together, you will be asked to fill out a welcome questionnaire that provides information that helps us get to know you, sets your intentions and wellness goals for the next 6 months. We’ll kick things off in February (depending on which session you sign up for), where we will introduce you to the program, we will get to know each other and dive into the first module on Mindset!


We will continue to meet virtually on a weekly basis. Each week a new video session will be released and you are encouraged to watch it and work on it before the next group coaching call. Before the session, we invite you to give yourself permission to fully engage in the program. You have been struggling for so long, this is now the time for you to focus on healing yourself. Get into comfortable clothes, bring your favourite warm or iced tea, and get comfortable as you begin your journey to wellness.


You will also be part of our private Facebook group where you can connect with everyone in the program, ask questions and get feedback on your wellness journey. We will be answering questions in the group during our time together and supporting you every step of the way!


Are you ready to heal your body from the inside out?

Tune in and discover a new approach to managing your digestive struggles.

Heal from the Inside Out



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Six Payments

6 Monthly Payments - Most FLEXIBLE



Join us to learn the skills + strategies to deal with life’s stressors, sort out the true triggers and solutions for your digestive distress, and create a life you love.